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Re: 5 VAX in one visit?

It took mine that long to calm down too! I felt so bad for doing that to her! I agree about the boobie juice! I take really good vit from the healthy grocer that are like $40 a bottle, so my milk better be like gold! We are military and I fought to go to a civilian doc because I don't trust the military doc any further than I can throw them. But switching docs is a pain in the butt. trying to get tricare to approve us to go somewhere else is like pulling teeth! Even if we get approved to go somewhere else I don't know if next guy will be any better!
Originally Posted by SarahLee318 View Post
We had that many too, I think I cried more than DD but it did take her like 20 min. to calm down, she wouldn't even nurse because she was crying so hard...the last couple of times it wasn't as bad though, she got over it quicker...and so did I.

As far as giving your baby vites, I just take my vites and figure it gets in my breast milk and if I am healthy then I will have healthy breast milk...I made it up but it makes sense to me

Juice and cereal I think is a little much at 4 months, I say the only kind of juice your baby should be getting is Boobie Juice!

Hang int there Mamma, find a new doc. We see a family prac., not a ped....
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