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Re: FTLOC--Sunday Edition

To do:
unload/reload dishwasher...possibly need to repeat
put everything away that is left out at the moment
wipe down stove
wipe down counters
scrub out sink
sweep/mop floors

Dining room-
Clean off table
organize sewing stuff
put fabric in tote so it's not laying around everywhere

Living room-
pick up toys
wipe off table/end tables
vacuum stairs

Bathroom (downstairs)-
clear off sink
clean sink
clean mirror
clean toilet

clean out litter box
sort laundry
Wash at least 4 loads
put away laundry
clip the dog's toe nails so they'll quit clacking on the floor lol (we have hard floors downstairs)
wash/dry/put away diapers (thanks to Logan's explosive poo last night he doesnt have any night time diapers left lol)

IF I get all that done-
Work on doll blanket for Bekah
Make mattress "sheet" for Bekahs doll cradle
Make wipes out of fabric I bought yesterday.

I think thats it I'm sure I'll think of something else lol.
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