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Re: For anyone who has taken Reglan or Domperindone...

Originally Posted by mommyto3girls View Post
Tanya- I wonder if she had succubmbed to the FDA's bogus warnings about Domperidone. They claimit was pulled because of heart related side effects. What they don't make widely known is that the people who had reactions to it were HEART patients given high doses through IV. Not people with no heart disease orally.

My Doc says it is because the makers of Reglan paid off the FDA, Reglan is way more dangerous to the average person.

I am sure that's what she did. It's just a bad situation because (I'm guessing here) alot of bfing mama's just take their LC's/Dr's they end up with reglan (and it's nasty side effects) or quit bfing altogether. There's good research on the web, but you've got to look for it.

I thought it was interesting in the op that Reglan was manufactured by a Formula company. It's great that your Dr. is informed.
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