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Re: Your baby can Read.

Originally Posted by JonsMommy View Post
I saw a TV show awhile back that followed up on some kids who had done a lot of the flashcard type of thing as babies. Basically, they could show off all kinds of trick stuff as babies, and then as the years went on other kids caught up with them and they just settled into average. I can't see how this would be any different.

Yes, you can probably train your baby to recognize words. I don't see the point. I think at best you're just amusing yourself. At worst, you are pushing way too hard for performance, performance, performance. I would much rather let a baby, and a little kid, PLAY! They have so much more to learn as babies that is so much more important than reading! I want my kids to be exploring, testing, climbing, asking questions, etc.

Also, I think a child is much more likely to have a life-long love of learning, if you let them come to it. Let them play and enjoy babyhood. Then as they get older, PLAY with letters, sounds, all the pre-reading skills. As they start reading for real, encourage them with books that interest them. But pushing them to read more, earlier, better is not doing them any favors -- I think it is likely to make them burn out hard by the time they hit middle school.

Just my opinion!


I have a friend who was trying to push me into getting the Baby Can read stuff, but I did a LOT of research on it and I came to the same conclusions. I even read a teacher's comment where this memorization can actually hurt a child's ability to learn phonics.

So I just read to my son every day, and he's developed a love of books. He's 2 and he loves to sit with a book, even if it has no pictures, and pretend to read.

I'm not telling you NOT to get it, just that it really isn't necessary for your child's development. By the time the child is seven, you won't be able to tell the difference between an early reader and a late one.
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