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Re: Weekend BSRB! Its *stocking* day!

Originally Posted by starla79 View Post
Di, I'm sure you don't *need* it... i mean... how much stuff do you actually *need*? But do you WANT it?

Have you tried washing your sbish soaker a few times? I know you said the legs fit snug and from reading a few threads it sounds like this latest set of wool softens up a lot after a washing or two. May not be worth giving up on just yet...
Well, if I bought everything I *want* C would have about $2K worth of wool. I'll think about it. I still have a custom to pay for tomorrow, so we'll see. I really *need* more diapers, but I think I will always need those. Diapers an entirely different need.

I haven't washed the sbish in fear that it will lose value if I wash it. IDK....I am sort of regretting getting the cover vs. longies or shorties. I mean, they would have been more practical to get. More expensive, but more practical. I had someone PM me 2x about it. If she doesn't take it, maybe I'll try washing it.
The wool is really stretchy, but it's soooo tight, too. Does that even make sense? I mean, the thighs are practically cutting off the circulation. I'm so confused.
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