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Re: Journey to Conception group grads!

Crystal: Ah, the joys of pregnancy Totally drink water by the GALLON if you can stomach it. you don't want to get like me with my first pregnancy and have to have a IV with 1.5-2 bags of water pumped directly in to my veins. Before that, i could not keep ANYTHING down not even wate., I felt terrible during my finals (i was still in college then) Pretty much bombed them, I walked in the doc office and the peri-nurse asked me if i felt as bad as i looked It was TERRIBLE! GL today mama!

Stacey: GL with the draw results!! Totally going to try the hard boiled egg. I did up 18 of them the other day before you mentioned them cause they were the only thing that sounded good!

Michelle: GL with your repeat draw today!!!

AFM-We have another FREAKIN' STORM! So ANOTHER day I can't get to town. UGH!!!! I do have HPT's that i am STILL testing with to make sure that line is still dark. Plus I am nautious still, so that is a good sign. Ok, gots to get back to work. I have another 32 diapers to snap today, I did 31 yesterday.
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