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Re: FTLOC - Bring on the caffeine and keep it comin Monday

Originally Posted by mtfbwy72 View Post
Riley was up every 3 hours and up for the day at 6 this morning. We tried not giving him benadryl last. Getting him off that stuff always sucks.
and hope he naps well for you

Originally Posted by mtfbwy72 View Post
This is for Em & Z, was thinking about them all night. Hope things are goin ok for them.

Originally Posted by mtfbwy72 View Post
Riley has a mini waffle in each hand and is as happy as can be...won't last long. the lack of sleep will kick in soon and he will turn into Satan's baby.
I wish B would eat mini waffles

Originally Posted by sabrina_the_mommies View Post
more organizing today. Sis' room is a disaster. trying to get all her & Ljs clothes into one closet. it's not that they have too much, more that it's spread out & i don't know what fits...
I need to organize bunches

Originally Posted by 3LittleC's View Post

It's going good! With working full time, I'm trying to make the most with my time home. I had really nice naps Saturday and Sunday with the boys and did some reorganizing in our bedroom yesterday.

Back to the grind today for week #3

Oh...and I had to work Saturday at the old office and got to hear all the stuff that's been going on there - yikes!! My boss took me aside and asked me if I could go full time when I came back. When I hesitated, he said "or 4 days, or 3 days - whatever you want" LOL.
Glad you had a good weekends and the office lets you ork parttime cause they want you happy

Originally Posted by 3LittleC's View Post
C&C have started to get up at night again I've been just taking them back to their beds and laying with them but they're 3! Will they ever continuously sleep through
could it be cause you are working full time

holy multi-quote batman
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