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Re: back to basics~~~ monday mayhem

Originally Posted by RebekahG77 View Post
I haven't, but her stuff always looks cool - isn't she the one that's only 14??? Sheesh, what a motivated teen!
i wish i was that motivated .... do you think its helps not to have kids

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Thanks! Really, I'm just very fortunate to live in Dallas where there are lots of rich people that buy beautiful wool sweaters, then remember they live in Dallas so they don't get much use and donate to Goodwill. There are a lot of mamas and WAHM who are so much better seamstresses than me, but they can't find the sweaters I do! And I only get 100% wool ones, because I could never remember which ones are not otherwise. If I was open to blends or cashmere, acrylics I could have even more to choose from. I have just as many soakers and half a dozen hats too.

I've got a small stack of summer weight sweaters I need to make longies, shorties, and soakers out of too. I love to use the super thin silky merino wool sweaters for this. I probably get asked the most about this one, which uses the same kind of sweater:

The wool is literally as thin as a tshirt and works beautifully as summer weight with a thick diaper, or under any longies that would otherwise not be nightworthy or carseatworthy.

So ladies, if you can sew at all or know someone who can, stuff like this can be yours inexpensively
yes thats beautiful - put me inline cherly for manpris for the summer out of that kind of wool- nb sized

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Yeah, when #3 wears his woolies out, and people either ask where I got them or if I made them, they ALWAYS assume I knit them. I can assure you I do not have the attention span to sit and knit a dishcloth, much less a pair of longies! If you pick the right sweater it can look so expensive:

Obviously this was not for my son, it was for someone else's DD in a trade. One of the first skirtypants I did, so I didn't know you are supposed to put elastic in them (oops). But it looks expensive, right? Only because of the sweater.

Originally Posted by Macyllehub View Post
Where we do soccer, its Spring & Fall only. I carried Aurora last fall around on my back constantly. She slept most of the time. (8 months old ish). It starts March 7th and I'm excited

I really need to get my keester to gear. I have lost 27 lbs, but in the last month I was battling some serious depression and put 5 lbs back on.
for you - I gainned three last night again

Originally Posted by momof4girls View Post
Becky, your LO is darling!
My dd is just 4 months old. Not sure on weight, she was 16 lbs 3 wks ago. I just got light browns. LOVE THEM.

chubby wubby

Originally Posted by princemelissas View Post
wow noones on yet???
you guys were up late last night! Unforunately we were up early here - 6:30
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