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Re: Journey to Conception group grads!

Wow thanks for all the suggestions girls! I knew about the ginger thing but the thought of eating raw ginger or even drinking ginger 'tea' just wasn't setting well with me but ginger candy, I think I can do that! I know I need to eat and drink more but its sooo hard. I'll try the small meals/snacks more often and I'll be adding more water for sure! Thanks so much!!!

Oh and IT'S MONDAY MORNING, IT'S MONDAY MORNING!!!!! DH and I are so anxious last night that neither of us could sleep well I decided that him and the kids are going to come with me, I just don't want to go alone.

Kirsten ~ I hope the snow lets up soon so you can get back in, not that you really need to though I'm pretty sure you've got a good sticky one this time!
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