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Re: Just Another Manic Monday....BSRB Chatter

Originally Posted by aranel7 View Post
Morning ladies!

Well . . . today at the butt crack of dawn, my Beco must have arrived because it is sitting inside my entryway now. DH must have seen it on the way out. I haven't opened it yet because I'm about to jump in the shower, but I just wanted to share that my reviews (and maybe action shots later) are forthcoming.

I think PUL needs to be eliminated from your nighttime routine in order to avoid the stink. When DD wears a fitted to bed I put her Just Ducky wool longies over it but sometimes she wears an all fleece Snap-EZ pocket with two hemp inserts and that works fine too. There are two reasons why it gets bad overnight; the pee is sitting so much longer than it normally would. Have you ever opened your wet bag on wash day and smelled WAY more ammonia smell than you would during a diaper change? That's kind of what happens overnight. You're talking about more pee that has been in the diaper for longer. Couple that with PUL and you've got more pee that has been marinating in the diaper for longer Also, especially for an older kid, the pee that goes into the overnight diaper is more concentrated. He's probably not peeing all night long at that age, it's probably just one or two sizeable pees that are saturating the diaper. You know how they tell you to use your first morning's urine when you're taking a pregnancy test? Or how it is more yellow in the toilet in the mornings? That pee is what's in the nighttime diaper, so it is more likely to stink than a daytime diaper with less potent pee in it, that gets changed sooner.
yay for beco shots, I really want one please convince me
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