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Re: Just Another Manic Monday....BSRB Chatter

those Over the Moon sets are TDF

Morning Danielle, Maya, Jenn, Jordan, Di

I am thinking about selling my sbish teal ML karate pants Believe it or not, i like the soaker better! And i am usually not much of a soaker person . But my family just bought X a whole slew of pjs for spring/summer (IDK why?? It's not even his bday yet) and i think soakers are the way to go.

I wanted to say Yay for jenn's Beco arriving FINALLY. I really think you should contact that seller and leave appropriate fb for the $$$ of shipping and the length of transit time. Just my

Di, ss you have to call in for a new scrip I hope your cold sore gets better soon! I do not think i will feed him spaghetti every night, In my mind, i try to rationalize that it cannot have been the food itself, but the amount that he ate. I just have to make sure to take the time to let him eat as much as he wants, instead of saying to myself that he's been sitting in that highchair for 1/2 hour, he has to be ready to get down. I realized that i was mistaking his cues for more food as him being done. I was trying to teach him sign language for awhile, but sadly it fell by the wayside in the past couple months (right when he could have learned it ) So, one of the signs he *did* remember was all done, so i took that as such... but now it seems that all done, can mean all done with that particular thing, and i want more of something else to eat! Ugh, these kids i tell ya...

Whoops! gotta run, bbl
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