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Re: Back to the Grind Sbish Monday

Originally Posted by mms1972 View Post
ohhhhhh Teresa- you gotta shar pics of the ceriese pants!! i was on the fence about the color --but i did buy em at the seconds sale--lol-- i'd love to see the "true" color of em! so once the stuff comes from the sale i'm gonna take pics of all the sbish! maybe we should make fri a sbish stash shot day? we should all have our sale stuff! i have 4 m/l pants for fall- 4 medium pants- 3 shorts and 4 soakers! i think thats plenty right guys? lol!

Friday it is, i should have my goods by then too!! i'm so excited!

Originally Posted by NewMotherofTwins View Post
Morning everyone! :wave2: Snowed in up here in Maine...we got over 2 feet of snow overnight! Snow day for DH , he works at a local community college. It will be interesting to see how DH gets the door open comes clear up over the bottom edge of our front door by over a foot! Well hope everyone has a good day!

Once DH snow blows I am sending him strait to the post office.

wow!! i used to live in upstate NY and loved it when it would just dump snow!!

Originally Posted by starrinad View Post
Hi ladies...I'm new here and I don't mean to jump onto your post. But, I didn't know if any of you noticed that Erin restocked a few more seconds this morning.
all is welcome! thanks for the heads up!!!

I'm tired, i have milk, but not sugar, so again no coffee for me! blah! i'll be ok.. maybe i should drink some tea? Evan is teething hardcore! i think his fever broke last night.. but he was tossing and turning all night, he doesn't nurse on the same side twice at night..which isn't a prloblem when he nurses twice at night.. but he was up like ever hour...

anyway back to s'bish goodness, i got my shipping notification for my first wool of the new season... i got lila pants!! i am stoked!

last night i finished my second hat!! i need a button for it, so when i get it i'll post pics
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