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Re: any experience with eczema?

My ds who was ebf also had a fairly bad case of eczema last winter but it cleared up fairly easily with a few simple steps and I don't know if that is typical. What we did was eliminate all scented products of any type from his and my life. You have to be careful and make sure you buy only products that are unscented and fragance free (because otherwise they can be scented to have no fragance if that makes any sense at all.) This meant laundry detergent, soap, lotion, shampoo etc and I did it for all my products too because I figured we were in such close contact. Then we started using cetaphill cream in a tub (not lotion) on him three times a day and using a humidifer because our air was so dry in the house. I also experimented with eliminating dairy from my diet but I can't really remember how vigilant I was about that at the time of the eczema. This basically cleared things up for us. Very occasionally if things were bad in a particular spot I would use some cortaid cream but I tried to avoid it if at all possible.
Good Luck!
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