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Re: any experience with eczema?

Hi! Def. rule out the allergy issue. Dr's will want to treat the symptoms but until you figure out if there's an allergy component, it's hard to get a handle on. My ds is allergic to all soy products, which are found in most processed foods and some lotions.

The above suggestions are great, too! Lotion is very helpful. And sometimes a cortisone cream is necessary to help knock down the flare up. I use OTC because the RX didn't seem much better. And steer clear of the other eczema RX's if possible. They didn't help my ds tho I know some people to find relief. My concern is the safety.

My ds is now 5 yrs old and takes benadryl at night and it helps, too.

Oh, and also use only natural fibers in clothing.
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