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Re: Does anyone here have a son with adhd?

Mamas, What do u do when they won't just chill for quiet time?
I can only keep my 2yo occupied with a book for a few minutes on his own. toys dont work because everything involves active play with him.
He won't sit and listen to a CD, won't stay in his room if i put him there (unless I were to lock the door!) i dont know what to do. the other problem is that by 4pm he is exhausted. Because if people don't lay down/rest during quiet time, they are monsters when it is over, but I have to keep moving. I have to make dinner, the baby gets up, the boys have to be left to play on their own and they turn into monsters when they haven't gotten some time apart. but the whole time they are in "quiet time" they won't leave me alone. they constantly ask if it is over. ODS has behavior problems and constantly turns off the timer or tries to do drastic things to get me mad.
ODS most likely has ADD/ODD and we are getting results next week. My younger i think has ADHD - they are complete opposites but my younger one is SOO active and over emotional about everything.
We do a great diet - lower carbs that most people, cut out sugar, etc. except for dessert we let them have.
Any suggestions, mamas? I know others are dealing wtih this. Movies don't work - they dont usually fall asleep to them.
thanks so much!
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