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Re: *LOOKIE* A FS0T Checklist & Helpful Hints for All *LOOKIE*

Originally Posted by 3Monkies View Post
*I've starting doing "screen captures" on items I'm buying for that reason. Having done that means that even if the seller deletes or edits, I can still refer to the post as it was when I agreed to buy!

How do I do a screen capture?
Oh- it's pretty easy!

You have a button on your keyboard that says PrtSc (abbreviated form of Print Screen and is usually up there above F10 area)

When you press this button it is basically the same thing as using the "copy" function. Pressing that key is going to copy whatever is on your screen to your clipboard. When you do this, you will not see anything happen- just trust that the screenshot is saved. Now, to see it you need to paste it Word or Paint or even in an email! That's it!

Now, in my case I use the free Google photo hosting/editing software called Picasa (it rocks!) If I have that program open, and hit the PrtSc button, it just automatically puts that screen capture into a folder for me which is really nice. Literally, all I have to do is hit that button and the rest is done for me.

Let me know if you need any further clarification!

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