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Re: any experience with eczema?

Abby's prone to eczema. We had to find a lotion that works for us. She reacted to Eucerin and Cetaphil and Dove. We finally found Baby Aveeno, both the cream and the lotion, and they work well. She reacts to Tide and most fabric softeners. She breaks out something wicked with disposable diapers and sometimes to her own poo (right now her li'l bum is chapped because of it). I only bathe her twice a week, otherwise her skin gets dried out. We use Baby Aveeno Moisturizing wash. She reacted to Johnson and Johnson even in the hospital. Make sure you lotion her down after a bath too. We at least put lotion on her at night and some hydrocortisone cream on her face where she's prone to get some more extreme eczema, plus some cream from Aveeno. All scentless. Our deterget is scentless too (Purex Free and Clear).

I'm sure there are other things out there that would work for her, but I just don't wanna' stray from what we know works to cause her more issues, kwim?

Watch for when you start solids too. Abby's shown a sensitivity to anything with egg in it (unless it's baked).

Apparently I was the same way as a kid...
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