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Re: Sublime SB'ish Tuesday

Originally Posted by i&a's mama View Post
Hey, mamas!

I have cousins who followed Phish before their DD was born. My experience is limited to owning a copy of "Billy Breathes" and consuming massive quantities of Phish Food while I was pregnant.

I woolie washed the boys' pants so I could try again. One wet dipe and the front is soaked.

Can't wait for you to stock, Teresa!
Aww thanks... I need to go through and list everything. But thank you

Originally Posted by pcolamomtothefifth View Post
I have seen some sbish not moving on spot's. I don't get it. There are a ml pair of teal, just sitting.
I have a pair of L black that I am debating selling. They are hanging in the closet for now.

Here are some pics we took yesterday of our newest arrival. I love teal!!!

This is William and our friend's DD, she is in sposies, I couldn't convert her. Our company just left today.

I'll bbl, going to the park with William.
Soooo cute!!!

Originally Posted by luvmykeikis View Post
Hi Everyone!

I have been MIA lately. Our family had the GI stomach bug. Ugh, it was awful. Things are pretty much back to normal. Blake still is BP'ing (Butt P***ing) in every diaper but acts the same.

I got my shipping notice for my M Squash pants yesterday.

Miranda - Did you get the DVDs yet? You are a knitting machine and I have slowed down.

Annie - You have lots of great fluff headed your way and your DH will be home soon.

Christen - Love the pic of William.

Teresa - Don't laugh but I had to ask miranda what Phish was. My DH was telling me that they have 20 minute songs. Once I saw your longies I recognized the logo. Molly is so talented. It is amazing that she can do all that duplicate stitching.
Awww I hope everyone is feeling better
about Phish...
yeah there songs go and on...just jamming and seamlessly going into another song. We listen to Phish every night at 9 while playing tetris

Boo is back in her cerise pants, lifting up her shirt and showing me her belly.
Her bum is all red from the many poops yesterday and today. She didn't poop at all Sunday, so I guess making up for lost time?! argh!
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