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Re: Raffles/Lotteries/Stalking Announcements

Originally Posted by n-training View Post
Maybe if a mod has time they could re-post this, and delete the copy written by a banned member. What about the part that says you can't charge to enter a lottery? I've entered several that way, but didn't know it was against the rules. Also, in the ffs, I am not sure about this, I thought it meant free for shipping, but there are people there selling stuff. Clarification would really mean alot to me.

confused, you have paid to enter lotteries on Diaperswappers or Hyena Cart? They are two separate sites and it is allowed on Hyena Cart. If you see anything such as this on DS feel free to report it by clicking the little red triangle in the upper right corner of the post. The same goes for anything in the FFS, free for shipping, area on FSOT, For Sale or Trade.
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