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Re: any experience with eczema?

Both my kids and DH have excema... Here is my experience... Sometimes it is caused by a food allergy (and yes! It can pass through your breaskmilk!) But often times it is nearly impossible to find the cause... My DD used to break out in terrible excema when she first started eating solids and would eat oats (didn't bother her in bm)! Luckily, we were slowly introducing her to foods so it was easier to find the cause... (she did outgrow that allergy BTW!) DS didn't start any flare-ups with excema until he was past that stage, though we tried elminating the most likely triggers to see if that was what caused it, none of them did... I know it can also be hereditary, and then there is litte you can do except deal with it... How to deal with it?? Well, we only use natural skin care/bath products with no/as few as possible chemical additives, which doesn't keep it from appearing, but it does help the severity. We have tried so many different things I don't even know where to start! Some of them helped, but none really did the trick... Finally we found that calendula works wonders! They get it after a bath every day (also helps to lock in moisture!) or before bed if they don't have a bath.. and when I actually can see/feel the excema I put it on twice a day. We buy homeopathic calendula from Hylands, I get it from for a much better price than our health food store can get it for...
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