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Re: Fat sausage links, how do you cook them so they're cooked the whole way thru?

Originally Posted by Harmony96 View Post
So we have Central Market here and we have Sprouts here. Both are specialty "health food" grocery stores, and both stores have a meat market where they make their own sausage, big fat links of sausage. A while back, I bought a couple of links, and cut one open, thinking that it was of the type like I could dice it up and it would still hold its shape. Not so much, lol. I had a ground sausage mess in my pan.

But then when I tred to fry one up just by itself, it was way done on the outside, but was so thick that the middle had a string inside that was undone still.

I want to know how to cook these b/c they come in all sorts of yummy flavors, lol. Help me out.
if you go in and ask your whole foods dealer they will tell you exactly how to cook them. If yours has ground meat inside it most likely has whole grains also which will NEVER set up like a traditional sausage thus the casing they use to hold it in. You can tell them exactly what your looking for and if it is a larger whole foods store they will have it on hand for you
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