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Re: What do I do? How do I handle him?

Originally Posted by MommaRhi View Post
question is though, how do you get an almost 3 yr old to change his diet and not eat what his 2 older siblings do?
All I can say from that, in my situtation where both kids of mine have suspected wheat and milk allergies, make small whole family changes. Not just for 1 child but change the entire family to eatting healthier, in small subtle doses is less noticable Food dyes can deffinately change good behavior to a wacky nutty kid. Start small like cutting back on the food items with dyes and slowly switching over to items that have natural dyes. One small example is regular go-gurts have a ton of dye in them but if you buy the organic ones like say Stoneyfield brand it has color to the yogurt but it is a natural dye like beet juice but it still tastes the same as the go-gurt one.

Good luck.

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