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Re: Dr loved the cd!

My little one had an appt the other day and she was wearing a Little Lambs. The doc saw it and asked me "what is THAT?" and I said "Uh, a diaper?" and he tried to take it off by pulling it down! So I unsnapped it for him and she had a diaper rash and he said "that's from the cloth, eh?" and I told him "Actually, no, that's from using a disposable the other day when she had the runs and I was changing her every 30 minutes. I threw one on her for her nap and she woke up with that and it was worse. It's gone down quite a bit but you see these blisters? It's from the chemicals in the diapers." I don't think he's seen cloth diapers used before!

I like watching the looks on the docs when they see cloth.
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