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Re: Only 2 carseats make consumers cut.

Upon talking to a carseat tech at Sunshine Kids regarding their Radian (who, by the way, did not bash CR at all and is also not worried when they decide to test the Radians with other convertable styles) said the biggest thing to remember about the Consumer Reports testing is that they INCREASED the standards! And the way he put it, 5mph increase on frontal crash with a 22 lb child is like a 38% load increase (don't qoute me on the numbers), so YEAH several seats would be EXPECTED to fail the testing as they weren't designed to pass those higher test standards. And add a side-impact test, and of course seats "could" fly off bases! Whether or not their tactics are "fair", the hope is that the government will increase the testing standards and the carseat companies will have to step up to the plate! As for me, I'm switching my baby from his infant carseat (which wasn't tested) to the Sunshine Kids Radian as I feel fully confident it is a much safer alternative in the event we are involved in a 35mph frontal or 38mph side impact crash. (By the way, Radians have an internal steel frame and other safety features and after an extensive discussion with the tech I personally opted for that over the Britax Marathon. I do feel a rear facing and tethered Marathon would also be much safer option in a higher impact crash than an infant seat used with the base.)

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