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Re: Is this Chickenpox? Need mamas with experience PLEASE!!

I wondered about exposing others b/c her last ped had an actual rash room that had an outside door and when a rash was involved, you went in there. They didn't say anything though and there was absolutely no one in the waiting room when we got there. A couple people did come in after, but the room is huge and she just stayed put on dh's lap the whole time.

I think this must be the quickest case of CP ever, lol. Not that I am complaining one bit. She hasn't had anymore show up since Monday and those first few that were in the pics, are barely even noticable now. I was actually wondering if that is what it really is, but I know it is. She never had fever, no other symptoms, nothing. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but she did get vaxed for it at 1yr so that is likely why her instance of it is so mild.
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