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Re: Growing pains?

My son gets growing pains. They wake him from a dead sleep. Now that he can communicate what is happening to him I know that he's had these pains since he was 2 years old. I used to think he had night terrors but now I know it's the leg pain. The last time he woke up with them he was drenched in sweat and could barely walk.

I talked with my doctor. He didn't really offer much advice on how to prevent them or treat them other than tylenol or advil. He did give me requesitions for x-ray and blood tests if they happen again. He wants to make sure he is growin appropriately. There also is a rare form of leukemia that starts as pains in the leg (mostly upper leg but can be whole leg) so he wants to test for that.

I would suggest persuing it further just to make sure everything is 100% ok. I had them really badly as a child and they are so painful and not fun. I hope there was something informative in my post.
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