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Teething amber necklace for older baby?

I know it's been posted about the teething amber necklaces quite often, but I was wondering if someone could actually tell me if they also started using one fairly 'late' for their baby?

Reason I ask is b/c Mason is currently teething w/#7 & #8 and extremely cranky since days! I know DH doesn't really approve of the amber necklaces as an aid, but since he's away most of the day I'd even 'hide' it in worst case when he's home! (Just kidding. I'm sure he'd be ok once he'd see that his son is doing better with it)

Anyway, now my question is: Is it too late to start having Mason wear a necklace w/10.5 months??? I know he takes bibs and hats off within seconds (together with *****ing ) and I am a bit hesitant to spend 20$+ on a necklace and at the end it won't work 'cause he wants it off???

Any ideas??? Experiences in that age???
I'd appreciate your input, mamas!
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