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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Just happened to me too. Luckily, I'm actually very GOOD at getting rid of viruses.

ASAP when it happens, Ctrl+ALT+Delete, and close Internet Explorer. Often this will be enough if you do it quickly enough and don't click on ANYTHING that pops up and says "Cancel" or even "Close" except for the Task Manager. This particular one took over my IE even after I closed it and re-opened.

I always have "Hijack This" on my computer, just in case the computer gets so infested that it takes over my internet. If you already have the programs installed, you don't have to worry about not being able to download help.

Whenever something like this takes over, I just open up Hijack This and run it, and delete anything that doesn't look familiar. I would highly suggest getting familiar with what's on it normally before you start deleting, though.

I guess the key is being prepared for when it does happen. If you're able to get your computer back to working correctly, go download Hijack This and download Ad-Aware. Both are free. Familiarize yourself with both programs, so that you already know how to work them when a problem arises.

If you have any questions, let me know, I'll try to help.
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