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Re: Does anyone have a grandmother that never nursed?

Both of my grandmas nursed their babies. My dad's mom had 15 kids and nursed all of them until they were 2. He told me that the baby slept with his parents until the next one came along(around 2) and then they would move to a siblings room to sleep. They were poor so maybe that had something to do with it but I am glad she did it.

My mom's mom nursed all of her babies until my mom was born. She had 10 kids up until then and nursed all of them. My mom was a preemie and couldn't/wouldn't nurse so she got the formula mix. She did nurse the 3 she had after my mom but I am not sure for how long.

My mom did not nurse my brother or me at all. It just wasn't a priority. My DH's mom nursed all of hers(5) except DH for over a year each. He was Lactose Intolerant and the Dr told her to put him on cow's milk His grandmother nursed all of hers mainly due to being poor but at least they got some nursing.

I am the only one of my generation on my mom's side to nurse for more than a few days. I have lots of cousins who have children and it makes me sad to think I am the only one nursing. I have nursed all of ours(3 girls) for over a year each and will nurse our newest one (due 3/17/09) as well. All of my DH's sisters nursed for a least a little while.
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