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Re: Help 3 YO with adjusting new baby in house.

The best advice I can give you is to try to involve her in caring for the baby the best that you can...have her get dipes, wipes, put lotion on the baby and then praise her for being such a good big sister. This way you're still doing everything you need to do for the baby, but she isn't feeling left out. When you're feeding the baby is a great time for her to bring you a book and sit next to you to have reading time. It's difficult to do all these things because we all know it's easier to do it w/out little hands "helping", but ut will help her to feel more involved and not so left out. As far as her "touching and twisting", that's just a 3 year old for you, probably why God made babies so resiliant . Instead of disciplining her (unless she is actually TRYING to hurt the baby) with my older kiddos I would show them the correct way to touch the baby if they were being too rough, show her where it is okay to touch the baby...her arms, legs, belly and tell her where it's not okay, her face, eyes ect. I know this is probably all stuff you've done, it just takes a lot of repitition for LO her age. Also, if you don't have one already, she might like a baby to take care of like you! Then when you are doing something with your baby, she can do the same with hers. HTH and hang in there will get easier!!
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