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Re: Help 3 YO with adjusting new baby in house.

Make sure that being bigger has some new rights/priveledges, not just responsibilities. my dd was 3 when we brought home ds and we gave her a shelf in one of the lower kitchen cabinets and stocked it with art supplies that she could get out and use all by herself (washable markers, crayons, construction paper, glue stick etc.) we also stocked the cabinet with a variety of all-by-myself style snacks like granola bars,crackers, fruit snacks, and juice boxes. She still needs permission to get into the snacks, but it made everyones life a little simpler if she could get a nutritious snack for herself if i was busy nursing the baby and it really helped her to feel that much more independant and appreciative of her "big kid" status. We also installed a lowered light switch in our bathroom and made sure that she'd be able to reach everything that she needed in there (shes 4 now and only 37 inches tall, so we still ahve to be mindfull of making sure she as access if we want to foster her independance). we made a point of pointing out things that big kids can do but babies can't "wow, you can pick out your outfit all by yourself and put it on!! baby brother cant do that can he? he has to wear whatever we pick out for him until he's bigger"

we also made sure that she got some special time with daddy during those early weeks when i was super busy with the new baby, they went to the movies and the park and we made sure that even mundane things got labeled as important, if they went to the grocery store it was "we need to make sure that mom has nutritious things to eat so that her milk can grow the baby big and strong" he made hr feel like they were partners in helping to take care of me and the baby.

i hope that might help, please pardon the bad typing, i'm nak
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