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Re: Domperidone

Originally Posted by toryandrew
I have gastroparesis (the stomach ailment it treats) and while it's under control right now, if I need it my US doctor will prescribe me doperidone. It is not illegal in the US, many pharmacies will formulate it for you.
It may be true that many pharmacies will formulate it for you, but many pharmacies (including several from the list on the link you provided) have been issued warning letters by the FDA. This is from the FDA website:

The letters issued by FDA today stated that all drug products containing domperidone (whether compounded or not) violate the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) because they are unapproved new drugs and misbranded. In addition, distribution within the U.S., or importation of domperidone-containing products, violates the law. FDA informed the warning letter recipients that further violations of the Act may result in enforcement actions including seizure and injunction.

Like you, I also read that it was a marketing decision by the drug manufacturer not to pursue FDA approval. I also read that there are risks associated with the drug (duh...there are risks associated with all drugs!) Even in Canada, apparently it comes with a warning that it should not be used by breastfeeding mothers because it is unknown how it will affect the nursing baby. Personally, I wish that they would do the testing and research necessary to get it labelled and approved for increasing milk supply all over the world. They know that a significant number of people are using it for that already. In fact, maybe I just don't know too many people with gastroparesis (?) but I would venture a guess that more people use it for lactation than for what it's labelled for! Still, as much as I wish they would approve it for use here in the US, they haven't, so if someone is thinking of using it, they need to consider that.
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