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Re: Domperidone

Man that blows because I ried the alternate drug Reglan and it is evil!! It made me so anxiety ridden that I felt like tearing off my skin. One of its known and common side effects is auditory hallucinations! I couldn't take it even for two days. When I am pregnant the condition is exacerbated so that I vomit up every dinner. Reglan really worked but the side effects were far worse than the puking so I went off of it. My only hope for a decent pregnancy was the doperidone...

If it comes down to it, I'll break the law. I asked DH about it (he's an asst district attorney) he said with a non-narcotic it's a misdemeanor and he doubts that anyone would ever be caught much less charged.

It makes me sad to think that someones only shot at nursing is a crime.

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