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Re: Does anyone have a grandmother that never nursed?

Neither one of my grandmothers did. As a pp mentioned, it was a societal thing. They had money, and nursing babies was for the "help". My parents were fed the evaporated milk/water/sugar combo (aka formula).

When my mom had my oldest brother in 1976 it was still looked down upon. She had to fight to get him brought into her room to BF him. I'm not sure why she was so intent on nursing, but she nursed all four of her babies successfully for a total of ~7 years of BFing. I weaned the latest at 22 months.

I know that of my extended family, I have nursed waaaaay longer than anyone else. My parents and family are all massively supportive of BFing. In fact, I got grief when I introduced the sippy with milk at age 1!! haha! No pressure to wean here. Totally the opposite!

My MIL nursed and was delighted to know I was BFing DS. I think it helped my DH understand my desire to BF, knowing that he was BF'ed as well. She nursed all of her babies for exactly 1 year each.
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