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Re: Does anyone have a grandmother that never nursed?

I read every response....what interesting stories you all have!!! It makes me sad to read so many references to men who wouldn't "let" their wives BF their children. I just can't understand where they were coming from at all.

I wish I knew more about my grandmothers' experiences. I'm pretty sure my Nana BF her two older sons (inc. my dad) but she probably smoked the whole time. My dad has terrible teeth. No idea about the other g'ma but if she did she was probably drinking alcohol and smoking, also. I kinda hope her two daughters (inc. my mom) were fed something else!

My mom (who died when I was 16) always said she went against the norm to BF my brother and me. She said she gave us her antibodies for poison ivy, etc. and I know she was proud of that. However, now that I have intimate knowledge of how it all works, I'm pretty sure she meant she breastfed us for maybe 6 weeks each. She got pregnant with my brother a couple of months after I was born in 1975. Her sister bf her older child but got an infection and was told to stop BF 'cause of the meds. She didn't try with her second child and now she is the least supportive of my BF--asking me when dd was six months old when I was going to give her "real milk" and wasn't I done with that already???

Dh's mom bf him until he was a year old and has been extremely supportive of me. Dh's grandmother bf her two 'cause that was all she had to give them.
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