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Re: Alternative to Baby legs with free shipping and coupon code!

Originally Posted by yummymummyest View Post
Looks that way doesnt it...
Wow! Tough crowd.

Isn't there some rule about a bunch of people ganging up on one person? I have just as much right to post about my experiences as anybody else!

I had a bad experience with Hugalugs, I don't like them. I'm a fan of BabyLegs, and branching out and trying the copies just cemented my feeling. Period, and I know I'm not alone. I came on and shared something and now I'm feeling like I'm being bashed for it.

Isn't sharing experiences and opinions about products and life and all that the whole point of being on a message board?

My original post about Hugalugs got sent to the company. I then recieved a personal email from the company, it was the same person who posted the above comment. They wanted picture proof so here it is:

They offered me replacements, which is very kind, but since I got them as a gift, I think I'll just stick with my BabyLegs.
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