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Re: How hard is it to go from 2 to 3?

Ha.Ha.Ha. Well..EVERYONE sugar coated it for me...told me oh. its not that bad, just one more hug, one more bowl of cereal, etc....

YEAH RIGHT. I had sooooo much more time to spend with each of them when we had 1 or 2, now I have like I am depriving them all. And I have no alone time... you cant go anywhere with out a kid being there. And babysitters are almost impossible! Thats the big one that hit me when our 3rd was born- suddenly no one wanted to watch them, b/c there was "too many" for them to handle all at once. We cant find anyone to watch them now that we have 4. The other big part is that each child is different and as they get older they all want to do different sports, clubs, etc, so you are contantly running a kid somewhere. Thats 4 kids to have to sit down and help with homework. 4 kids asking to use the phone, have a friend spend the night, etc. OH! another BIG one....restaurants are built for small families with like 2 kids...we have to wait forever to get a seat where we will all fit, gotta kiss booths good bye. And the places that have "kids eat free" are usually 1 kids per 1 adult. Vacation packages are made for small families too. Most hotels will charge extra for additional children. Transportation.... you have to buy a van large enough to hold everyone and dont forget they'll want to take friends places sometimes too, so you need something with alot of seats. Now that we have four, we no longer fit in my husbands car and have to take my 8 passenger van everywhere which takes alot more gas, etc.

I just figured I would let you know the other side of the story...
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