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Re: Domperidone

Yuck! I've heard that Reglan has some pretty nasty side effects! The breastfeeding board I've been going to for the past two years is in Canada and half the women on there have used Domperidone. I was just talking to one of the PAs in my doc's office who happened to be nursing one day and the subject came up. She told me that they usually use Reglan here instead of Domperidone but she didn't elaborate. When I went to look up side effects for the other poster, that's the first I'd heard that it was illegal here! It does suck...I so wish they would do the necessary steps to get it labelled for lactation...for pete's sake this is a drug company! Do they not realize what a huge market there would be if they would just make the investment? And the FDA? They're plenty quick to approve other drugs without much research (Viagra, those arthritis drugs I can't think of the name of right now), why not one that could actually help so many people? Maybe the formula conspiracy does have something to do with it after all!
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