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Need some reassurance

I've only posted a couple times on DS, but on my regular boards there isn't anybody on right now, and I need some reassurance or advice or something!

DS is 17 months old, Wednesday afternoon/evening he threw up a few times and I could tell he wasn't feeling great. Yesterday he seemed alright, just a little cranky and not wanting to eat alot. But it seemed like he was pretty much over whatever he had... Then today, one of the first things he did was projectile vomit everything from yesterday. He took 2 - 2hour naps today (Usually only takes one), and was just really lethargic and out of it. He only had maybe 2 or 3 wet diapers (thats including last nights diaper, and none were very wet), and no poopy diapers at all since yesterday morning. This is a kid that poops like 4 times a day normally. He nursed a few times today, and had maybe 1.5 sippys of water. He also threw up again this afternoon, but there wasn't much to come up. I'm not used to seeing him so... limp and lethargic.... when he wasn't whining he was just kind of staring out into space, or at the tv... I just put him to bed a minute ago and before I put him down I changed him and tried to get him to sit up on the floor and he just kind of plopped over like he couldn't hold himself up. Oh and he feels warm, but not like he's burning up really... of course I can't find the damn thermometer.

Is this normal for a sick toddler?? He has never been sick before besides the sniffles, so I have no clue what is normal or anything, and I guess I'm kind of freaking out seeing him like this! I hate for my baby to be sick! I guess I'm just looking for someone to either tell me this is normal and he'll be fine, or to take him to the ER or something...Thank you!!
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