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Re: How hard is it to go from 2 to 3?

It was a little harder than I was told...see, my middle daughter was 2.5 when the baby came along, and she was just, well, a two year old! She would wait until I was nursing the baby to do something she knew she wasn't allowed to do and when I would tell her to come to me so I could talk to her about it, she'd say no. In hindsight, it's really funny, but back then, with a babe attached to my boob, I was steaming! Another hard part is that #2 and #3 don't get along too well right now (but #1 and #2 get along great and #1 and #3 get along great.) It is harder to make one on one time, but it can be done (during other kids' naptimes and such.) And Christine's right--you're never alone, but I like that part. I love having my kids with me all the time and feel naked if I don't. And believe it or not, I'd rather go out with all three kids than just two of them (I guess mainly because my oldest is 8 and is a great help.) We don't use babysitters anyway, no matter how many kids we've had, so that's not been an issue for us.
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