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# of night wakings - sposies vs. cd

Call me crazy, but it seems to me on the nights I put ds (4 months) in an overnight sposie, he wakes up like 3 times. On BG nights, he only wakes up once.

Now, I have been working on his sleep, and trying to cut out some feedings over the past few weeks, and I've been somewhat successful, getting him to wake only once. Then we had a few nights of regression (perhaps started by 1 night in a sposie?) and then we got back to a happier night routine. Then last night, because I was too lazy to assemble a BG, I stuck him in a Huggies overnight, and BAM! 3 night wakings.

He leaks from sposies if he eats all night, but since he'd done a few nights with only 1 feeding, I thought he'd be fine in a sposie. It's like they trigger his appetite, or make him not sleep as well? Maybe there's something magical about the microsuede in the BGs that keeps him comfortable?

I anticipate another night or 2 with multiple wakings, but that's it. No more sposies at night.
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