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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

I'm just seeing this now, but you guys my laptop caught this virus and it really screwed my whole computer up. It did block any legit antivirus stuff and my dh had to format my harddrive to fix it. We had to start from scratch. So annoying, don't click on the pop up, not even the close, or X, just control alt delete to get out. If you click on it, you've got it, and the longer it's in your computer the more it screws everything up. My dh downloaded malwarebytes, free off the internet at and it has caught it every time since, so please don't go through what I have the last week and download this to protect you from it. My dh also put it on his pc, and is telling his friends and family about it too. I didn't know it at the time, but I did get the pop up when I came here to this site. I also had a little exclamation at the bottom of my windows that said I had updates to install, and it happened when I clicked on that. It tricks you into thinking it's windows when it's not. So anyway, there's my experience with this and my suggestions. I've also got Norton and it disables it, but the malwarebytes catches it. When I get it now, I immediately run my malwarebytes scan and it takes care of it. This was such a serious pita though!
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