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Re: Oklahoma Mamas, check in here!!

Originally Posted by gladeofmelons View Post
Thanks, mama
We are going to buy , but will rent in the interim, probably for about 3-6 months while we look at houses, build up our down payment a little more, and just generally get to know the area. So I guess that our most immediate need is a reasonable rental. It's only the 3 of us (DH, me and DS), but we have a BIG dog-- 80lbs. I've been looking at apartments on-line alot lately, and between the short-lease requirement, and the dog, no one wants us . Any thoughts would be really appreciated.
Oh, and DH will be working at the Children's hospital. I think that's in downtown OKC, right?
awe thats where Shae was delivered

look in Del City and Midwest City - they're both a very short drive from the hospital and the rent (especially in DC) is next to nothing for a small house. In fact, the Epperly Heights division of DC is SUPER cheap and they do a TON of short term stuff, not the BEST neighborhood, but we lived there for a year while we were house hunting. I think you'll have better luck with the big dog in a house.
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