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Re: Question for parents of kids with ear tubes

I'm sorry but that isn't very good advice. Water can stay back there and cause an infection. You normally wouldn't have a problem, but the tubes give you a gateway to the inner ear. It can be nasty if they get a good infection

Originally Posted by geckoed View Post
no ear plugs here. Our ENT said the tubes are there so the ears drain. What washes in will wash out. He said baths/showers actually help clear wax that blocks the tubes. We can swim in our pool too. Just no lakes or swamps. We put in ear drops if he dunks his head in a bubble bath or other "questionable still water" but with running water like a shower or our own pool which has regulated chlorine levels its fine. My oldest had 2 sets of tubes, lasting a total of 6 years and NEVER used plugs and NEVER had an issue.
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