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Re: I need Advise mamas!!!

I would start the talk of the ENT. Pronto! We went through the hell you are with our youngest. A year ago he got tubes put in and life has been ear infection free (until 3 weeks ago) since. My LO takes two teaspoons every evening of benedryl for allergies because I am a scripto-phobe. I thought OTC was better if we could get by on it My doc always works with me and what I want to do But seriously, he never needed the benedryl until night time... Then he was hyped up for half the night. I got freaking tired! So, I took him off the benedryl. BOOM! Ear infection! The doc said we have to go back on it at least until the infection was gone. I almost cried! I asked for something that would make him tired So, we went onto zyrtec and WOW! It is amazing! Ears cleared up (two antibiotics later) and I have not wiped his nose once since going on the zyrtec! No itchy eyes... It does not make him tired, but he sleeps much much better!
I would fight to get to the ENT. All the antibiotics are so hard on their little bodies. The tubes was simple, he never even had an IV put in for it, and fast. After life was great. I wish we had done it many months sooner when my doc first mentioned it after the second ear infection in a row.
(((Healing vibes))) I hope you get in and he gets better fast!!!
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