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Re: Non-spankers (could also go with ppd...)

Thank you so much ladies. You make me feel so much better. It doesn't help that DH is kinda pro-spanking to an extent. He's one of those people that will tell you he deserved every spanking he ever got. I don't think any child deserves to be hit. Luckily he's at least in agreement that it shouldn't be done until the child is old enough to understand, so I have awhile before I really have to fight him on it. But he even understood that I was upset when it happened, so maybe there's hope for him yet.

It seems to get harder every day and I think it's because of my ppd. DS will just seriously get on my nerves sometimes and it's everything I can do not to snap. I'm currently trying a St. John's Wort and B-complex supplement to see if it will help now that I can't get my Zoloft refilled, but I guess we'll see.
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