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Re: children and cellphones?

Well, we don't do landlines anymore. So DS will probably grow up thinking that all phones are cell phones. LOL Its just a phone though... I think (from talking to moms IRL) that parents have this idea that its something that only "big kids" or spoiled kids should have but its just not that big of a deal to me. I've heard moms say "OMG I can't believe so-and-so got a cell phone for their 12yo". Erm, its phone, not a crop top and mini skirt! Aren't your (general) kids allowed to use the phone at home? No different to me... sorry.

So, yeah, I totally agree with you. Although, if I knew my DC would earn it I would opt for adding him onto my family plan... Those prepaid minutes are OUTRAGEOUS and its *very* easy to run out of money very quickly. I had to use prepaid once after the hurricane here and I wound up spending WAY more than the phone I had with a plan because the prepaid automatically charges you $1 a day, plus what you spend talking.
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