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Re: Need Cornflake Recipes

My favorite dessert is made with cornflakes. It's just like rice crispie treats, except use cornflakes. Add a few drops of green food coloring to the marshmallows before adding the cornflakes, then when it's all mixed up, drop a few red hots on it. I should mention that it's a CHRISTMAS dessert, LOL. It looks kind of like holly. It tastes good though, so you could make it without the green and red hots for a yummy treat.

Hm ... I saw a recipe for oven fried chicken with cornflakes. I think you just use crushed cornflakes for the breading. Sounds GOOD. Like put the chicken in a beaten egg then roll in crushed cornflakes. You'd probably want to drizzle it with a bit of melted butter before cooking and maybe some garlic salt.

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