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Re: children and cellphones?

IMO it's just another thing that kids think they deserve to have rather than using it for an emergency. I see so many of my children's peers with cell phones, calling all over, the parents really don't have a clue what is going on and who they are calling. Computers, Ipods, Gameboys, PS1-2-3, etc, the list goes on. Children now days have way too much stuff, and most of the time don't appreciate what they have and what it takes to get those nice computerized, electric toys. I had to laugh at my step-son who at 18 had a reality check when it came to getting his car legal and paying for insurance/transfer fees. We gave him a vehicle but told him that it was up to him to get all that done otherwise the vehicle remained ours with our rules. It's still ours, he doesn't have the money because he didn't understand how much it actually costs to own and maintain a vehicle.

My kids won't need a phone unless both my DH and I go to work full time, which I hope won't happen as I prefer to be at home. They won't be anywhere I won't know where they are OR where they can't get ready access to a landline, so a cell phone is not necessary and IMO an extravagance (not meaning to sound argumentative, just opinionated, lol).
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