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Re: April Buddha Bellies/Babies - Wednesday, Mar. 11

Originally Posted by Guardandolaluna View Post
I had my OB appt yesterday. I'm not dilated at all I hate pelvic exams
I can't believe I gained 4 lbs in a week! That is a total of 9lbs for me this whole pregnancy. I have had MS throughout, so I have not gained much which is ok cause I was overweight to begin with. I have to admit, I freaked out at the thought of gaining 4 lbs of baby! The dr. said it is probably mostly water.
9 lbs?!!?

I've gained 42 lbs this pregnancy I started out really pretty small though (a size 6) so I guess I don't feel too bad about it.

I had a cervical exam last OB appointment ( I have weekly OB, weekly NST, and weekly biophysical profile U/S.)

I am not sure if he will check me again tomorrow when I go in. I have been having a LOT of contractions. They also tend to be really pretty painful. Today is actually the first day all week that I haven't averaged around 4-8 an hour. I have a ton of contractions, but I can tell they aren't the "real" contractions. However, every once in a while I have a "real" one. I know that if I were having 4-8 "real" contractions I would be concerned, but one "real" one per hour isn't so much right? Last week I wasn't dilated (which is a good thing) and I was 50% effaced.

This is week 33 for me! Hubby took a good picture of my belly, so I thought I'd share.

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